Monday, April 12, 2010

Stupak Retires; Pro-Choice Forces Move to Win District & Other Weekly Feminist News Digest: 4/5/2010 - 4/9/2010

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Apr 9 2010
Stupak Retires; Pro-Choice Forces Move to Win District
With pressure from feminists and pro-choice activists, teabaggers, and Republicans, Bart Stupak (D-MI) announced today he will not seek re-election...
Apr 8 2010
Vatican Claims Pope Wrongfully Accused in Sex Abuse Scandal
Numerous Vatican cardinals have spoken out in defense of Pope Benedict XVI, claiming he was wrongfully accused for the sex abuse allegations made against the Catholic Church in recent months and is the target of an anti-Catholic "hate" campaign due to his anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage positions...
Apr 7 2010
Texas Man Arrested For Threats Against Abortion Clinic
The FBI arrested Plano, Texas, law school graduate Erlyndon Joseph Lo on Saturday, after he filed a lawsuit against the nine Supreme Court justices for $999 trillion and demanded a ban on abortion...
Apr 6 2010
OK Governor Approves Three Anti-Choice Bills
Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (R) signed three anti-choice bills into law yesterday...
Apr 5 2010
Personhood Initiative to be on Ballot in MS 

The Mississippi Secretary of State announced late last week that a so-called "personhood" initiative ...
Apr 9 2010 - Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Announces Retirement

Apr 9 2010 - Austin, TX Becomes Second City to Enact "Truth in Advertising" Law For CPCs

Apr 8 2010 - US Department of Labor Debuts Campaign to Stop Wage Theft

Apr 7 2010 - Novartis Sex Discrimination Case Begins Today in New York

Apr 7 2010 - WA Man who Threatened Members of Congress Arrested

Apr 6 2010 - Study Reveals Breastfeeding Can Save Lives and Billions in Health Care Costs

Apr 6 2010 - NV Supreme Court to Hear Personhood Initiative Challenge
Apr 5 2010 - Austin Second City to Consiter Truth in Advertising Law for CPCs
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