Monday, April 19, 2010

Your State's Report Card on Choice

New York's Grade:

Anti-choice extremists think their best strategy for taking away a woman's right to choose is by attacking it state by state. Don't let them be right.
Why will your friends care? Because in just one year, Arizona's grade on choice fell from a B- to a D+ in our state-by-state Who Decides? report.[1]
And Arizona was just the most drastic example of a danger that's all too real everywhere in the country: anti-choice extremists quietly making big gains against a woman's right to choose.
Thirty-seven years after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide, 
15 states still have near-total criminal bans on abortion, and each year more and more 
anti-choice measures – restricting women's access to abortion, 
making birth control harder to obtain, 
imposing unnecessary regulations on abortion providers – are put into effect across the country.

Thanks to your efforts, there were many pro-choice victories in 2009, 
especially at the national level. But women can't afford for more states to go the way of Arizona.

Take just one moment to share our Who Decides? report any way you know how – 
on Facebook and Twitter, by email, and even in person to your friends, family, book club, 
yoga class...this is one message that everyone needs to hear.

If we all work together, I know we can bring state grades on choice up everywhere, 
prevent new Arizonas, and create success stories in every corner of America.

My best,

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

[1]For more information on Arizona's laws, see: 
"Arizona – Abortion Bans," "Arizona – Biased Counseling and Mandatory Delay," and
"Arizona – Refusal to Provide Medical Services."

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