Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1,800 More Petitions Needed by May 31 to Pass the Reproductive Health Act

With less than a month left before the end of New York's legislative session, for this week's Action-a-Week to Pass the Reproductive Health Act we're kicking our Petition Drive into high gear.
Last year, New Yorkers collected over 5,000 petitions in support of this critical bill. So far in 2010, activists like you have signed more than 3,175 petitions. We want to reach the 5,000 mark – it's time for the final push!
Even if you've already signed yourself (and we're sure you have!), you can still join the effort to flood legislators' inboxes and offices with pro-choice signatures. You can…
The Reproductive Health Act will ensure that every woman in New York State has the right to make the reproductive health care decisions that are best for herself, her family, and her future.
Now is the time to show Albany that New Yorkers across the state support this bill and want to see it passed in 2010. Thank you for joining with us to ensure that New York reclaims its rightful place as a pro-choice leader!
For Choice,
LaleƱa Howard
Community Organizer
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