Monday, May 24, 2010

Girls Rule and Boys Drool

Posted by: Camille

Hi everyone. This is my first blog post so I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Camille, I'm a student at Fordham University majoring in mathematics/economics and minoring in classical civilization. In my spare time, I like to read and do other nerdy things. I'm interested in learning about feminist political theory [and feminist theories in general] and helping women through several nonprofit ideas I have [which I'll be posting about]. I'm really excited to take two women's studies classes my senior year!

This blog entry is about man-haters VS feminists. Perhaps this is something you have dealt with as well.

This blog entry was inspired by a conversation with a member of the opposite sex...let's call him John. According to John, there is a large group of "women in America that believe they are entitled to some kind of aggressive, defensive, patronizing attitude towards all men, because for so many years of history, that's how women were treated".

In all fairness, if one believed in retributive justice then we should treat men in the same exact way women were once treated. However, we are civilized and we understand this would be exacerbating rather than solving the issue.

To me, feminism is not about a sense of superiority of elitism. It's about pride and equality.

It's 2010; we should be over this whole "Man hater" situation but clearly we are not. To me, it's easy to see why feminists ARE not man haters. Actually, we are probably the biggest man-lovers [if that's even a phrase]. We strive for equality and therefore are usually very strong-willed, competitive, quick witted women, all characteristics that can are typically considered "masculine". [As a side note: I'm actually against labeling characteristics as feminine and masculine as I believe our gender should not define our personality] , good related article

We do not know the prior experiences of any other human being [i.e. John], whether they had an experience with a woman who was truly aggressive towards men. My main focus is how proud feminists can distinguish themselves from those who give us a bad reputation.

So some questions:
How can we still make jokes stemming from the classic "Girls Rule and Boys Drool" without giving the wrong impression?
Rather than being concerned with the impression we leave, how can we show others what REAL feminists are like?

I look forward to reading any comments you might have.


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Jerin said...

Welcome, Camille, to the blog. Thank you for a thought-provoking post.

In Solidarity,