Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NOW/PAC Urges Phoning NOW for Elaine Marshall

NOW/PAC Urges Phoning NOW for Elaine Marshall
for US Senate Primary Tuesday, May 4

NOW/PAC enthusiastically endorsed Elaine Marshall for the U.S. Senate from North Carolina and is working to ensure a victory for this champion of women's rights.
The North Carolina Primary is tomorrow, May 4. Elaine Marshall is expanding her lead in the polls over Cal Cunninham by 28 to 21 percent in the Democratic primary, but 33 percent are still undecided.
Please phone from home to help elect another feminist woman to the U.S. Senate.
Currently serving as North Carolina's Secretary of State, Marshall is the first women elected to executive office in the state and the only woman in the N.C. race for U.S. Senate. She also served in the North Carolina Senate, where she gained prominence for pushing through a bill outlawing marital rape.
Elaine Marshall is a longtime friend of NC NOW and a leader on issues for women. The Republican in the general election, Richard Burr, has opposed fair pay for women, voted against banning health insurance companies from using domestic violence as a pre-exisiting condition and tried to keep women from being treated fairly when they're raped in the workplace. After facing discrimination herself, Marshall started her career by standing up for women, and has been doing it ever since. Marshall can beat Burr in the general election in November, but first we need to turn out the vote for her in the primary.
You can help by phoning from home:
Dial in number for automated calling - 877-315-9722
Access # 1076714
Pin # 1234
Send an email to the campaign letting them know you will be phoning and ask them to send you a phone bank script and talking points.
Contact at Elaine Marshall Campaign for technical assistance is Steve: 202-384-8464
Thank you for your support in helping us win this Tuesday!
Help Elaine Marshall win in the primary for U.S. Senate on May 4.

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