Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Special Offer for NOW Members from The Nation magazine

The National Organization for Women
The Nation is one of my favorite magazines and over the years some of the most important news coverage and commentary about women's issues have appeared in its pages. That's why I'm pleased that The Nation is making a special subscription offer available to NOW members. Please read the message below from The Nation's publisher, Teresa Stack, to find out more.
For justice and equality,
Terry O'Neill
NOW President

Dear NOW supporter:
Do you sometimes feel that you're one of the last people who still read newspapers and magazines? Whether it's online or in print (or on tablet), if you're like me you savor the experience of being immersed in a lively, intelligent conversation with the continuity of a publication's distinctive style.
That's the way we feel about The Nation. NOW members and The Nation readers have a lot in common. Some of the most important feminist writing and analysis are found in The Nation, and I think the urgency and effectiveness of NOW's mission has long been understood by the magazine's editors and writers.
The Nation publishes the real story that the mainstream press and big media won't (or can't) because they offer award-winning reporters and writers not restricted by pressure from a corporate parent or fickle advertisers. In this time of dwindling media outlets and increased tabloidization of the news, The Nation is more vital than ever.
That's why I'm so pleased to announce that, thanks to a special offer exclusively for NOW members, you can now enjoy this always lively and provocative conversation by trying a free 4-issue mini-subscription to The Nation. Here's what you'll be able to try for a full month:
  • Four weekly print issues delivered right to your door;
  • A subscriber key for full access to thenation.com updated news and analysis; and
  • Complete access to every weekly issue (7,000+) back to 1865 online.
If you like what you see, you can stay with The Nation for a full year for $18.00. Click here for details.
Teresa Stack,