Monday, May 24, 2010

Urgent Action: Help Pass Anti-Strangulation Bill NOW! | Program on Men & Domestic Violence - This Thursday

Support Harsher Penalties for Abusers That Strangle 
Leaders on This Bill Need to Hear From You 

NOW-NYC LogoIncredibly, in New York, choking or strangling someone by compressing her neck is not considered an assault.  Although this is a terrifying form of abuse that could be deadly, the bar for evidence of physical injury under current law is set far too high to make an arrest.  That's because choking someone often leaves little physical evidence of abuse, letting batterers get away without penalty.

NOW-NYC is poised to change this, but we need your help to make it happen!  We worked directly with our allies in the Senate and Assembly to get a strong anti-strangulation bill introduced (S-6987A/A-10161A) that would make it a crime to choke or suffocate someone, whether or not the victim sustains a visible physical injury.  With all the bills competing for attention, it will make a big difference for our leaders to hear that this issue is a priority.
Here's How to Take Action: Please take five minutes to call the three key sponsors TODAY and tell them: 

"Thank you so much for sponsoring the anti-strangulation bill (S-6987A /
A-10161A ).  As a New Yorker who cares about ending domestic violence, I commend your leadership on this issue.  I urge you to make sure this gets passed quickly in the Senate and Assembly."

Thank the Anti-Strangulation Bill Sponsors:
      State Senator Eric Schneiderman at 518-455-2041 or 212-544-0173

      Assembly Member Helene Weinstein at 518-455-5462 or 718-648-4700

      Assembly Member Joseph Lentol at 518-455-4477 or 718-383-7474

NOW-NYC thanks you for your support on this issue.  It will be a five minutes well spent!  Learn more at right.

Violence Unmasked: The Men Behind the Abuse & The Culture That Fuels It
This Thursday, May 27th, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Violence Against Women ImageWe have been deluged by news of high profile domestic violence cases: the Patterson cover-up, White Plains mayor Adam Bradley, ex-Senator Hiram Monserrate, and singer Chris Brown. Join us for an inside look on the men who abuse, how to prevent the violence, and how we're working to strengthen our domestic violence laws.
 - Phyllis B. Frank, Director, VCS Domestic Violence Program for Men
 - Dan Goodman, Program Coordinator, Choices, Fordham & Tremont
 - Stephanie Nilva, Esq., Executive Director, Day One
 - Sonia Ossorio, Moderator, Executive Director, NOW-NYC

Please RSVP:  212.627.9895 | |  Learn More
Event Location: NOW-NYC, 150 W. 28th St. #304 @ 7th Avenue, NYC
Subway: 1, R, W, 6 to 28th St. | B, D, F, V, Q, N, A, C, 2, 3 to 34th St.

Anti-Strangulation Bill UPDATES: 

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