Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't let NY State Assembly leave without voting on Reproductive Health Act

NY Reproductive Rights ActThe New York State Assembly just introduced the Reproductive Health Act, a crucial step in passing this bill this year. The ball is rolling, and now it's time to turn up the pressure on the State Senate to put this bill up for a vote!
The legislative session ends next week, and we can't let the Senate adjourn without taking this crucial step for women's health and rights. For years the Reproductive Health Act has fallen victim to political whims and legislators who have played politics with women's health. But not this year!
Pick up the phone today and call Sen. Onorato (518) 455-3486 with this message:
As a constituent who strongly supports a woman's right to choose, I want to see the Reproductive Health Act (S.5808) come up for a vote this year. After years of delay, it's time for the state Senate to pass the Reproductive Health Act and ensure that every woman in New York has the right to make the decisions that are right for her, her family, and her future.
NARAL Pro-Choice New York staff is in Albany right now, hand-delivering the thousands of petitions you helped us collect. We need to ratchet up the pressure – the Senate needs to hear YOUR voice about the dire importance of finally passing this bill.
Please call today. And ask your friends and neighbors in your district to do the same!
Thank you for your continuing commitment to ensuring that New York reclaims its roll as a national leader on reproductive rights by passing the Reproductive Health Act.
For Choice,
Kelli Conlin
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