Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feminist Hulk Smash Exclusive Interview With Ms. Blog!

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FEMINIST HULK SMASH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MS.!He's big. He's green. His favorite activity is smashing patriarchy and all forms of oppression. He's Feminist Hulk, and since he first burst onto the Twitter scene less than a month ago he's gathered more than 10,000 followers, who gleefully re-Tweet his 140-character commentaries on gender, feminism and his own personal superhero, feminist theorist Judith Butler. Tweeting in all-caps, this size-XXXXXXL superhero fights for social justice and breaks down the gender binary-all the while  ...Read More


Women Clean Up After BP's "Man-Made" Oil Spill The oil and gas industry is dominated by men, but it's mostly women who are cleaning up British Petroleum's mess. According to Jenna Goudreau at ForbesWoman, President Obama…has ...Read More


Fishing for an Anti-Birth Control PloyI'm not often amused by the antics of anti-choice activists. But hearing about their sudden conversion to environmentalism sent me into howls of laughter. In a transparently opportunistic move, ...Read More


Live-Blogging Women Deliver! The three-day international conference Women Deliver 2010 opened in Washington, D.C., Monday morning, and the Ms. Blog is there on the scene. The conference intends to hammer home the point that maternal and reproductive health is a global priority. Breakout Session: Maintaining ...Read More


The Gen X Male-Only Midlife Crisis: Hot Tub v. SATC A few weeks ago, New York Times movie critic A.O. Scott recognized the new canon of Gen X midlife-crisis films, or what he should have called Gen X male midlife-crisis films. The two flicks that he ...Read More


How Ms. Got the Story from George Tiller's MurdererOne year after abortion physician George Tiller's murder by Scott Roeder, who is now serving a life sentence in prison, Ms. magazine questions the "lone wolf" theory about anti-abortion ...Read More

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