Friday, June 25, 2010

Help Support Virginity film fundraiser

From Therese Shechter/Trixie Films:


I'm writing to ask for your help spreading the word about our online
fundraiser for the upcoming documentary "How to Lose Your Virginity."
We're starting to edit and need to pay the editor to help us finish the

You may have seen something about it on twitter or on blogs already
because lots of people have or will be covering it, including Jezebel, the
Ms Blog and The Sexist. Some links/excerpts are here: >>

This is really timely! We're in the middle of the fundraiser right now and
 although we've raised over $9000, we need at least $1000 more in the next
6 days or we get nada. In this challenging funding climate, we need all
the exposure we can get.

The link to the fundraising site, trailer and description of the project
(and me) is here: A longer synopsis is here:

We want you to know that our virginity blog (and the upcoming film) are
both very sex-positive while being committed to creating non-judgmental
space for people not sexually active.

We get a lot of feedback like this, we know we're on the right track:
"Thank you so much for helping me put my confusing, frustrated thoughts on
sex and relationships into perspective. It really makes me feel so
muchless like an outcast and more able to take ownership of how I feel and
not to listen to what others tell me."
More at

Check out the site, watch the trailer, donate if you can and pass the info
on to your friends!

Thanks so much for your support to help us keep doing what we do!

Therese Shechter
Trixie Films

Kickstart Us!
Film Info:

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