Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tell NYS Senate: Don't Throw Women and Children Into Poverty

Please help us pass meaningful divorce reform! Call your NYS Senator NOW!

Tell the NYS Senate "Don't Throw More Women & Children Into Poverty!"
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Pass Meaningful Divorce Reform Legislation NOW
Pass Meaningful Divorce Reform Legislation NOW!
In every state where No-Fault Divorce has become law, the results have been devastating for women and children, because No-Fault removes bargaining power from the non-moneyed or lesser-moneyed spouse, who is almost always the woman. The outcome is that a moneyed spouse can literally walk away, leaving a woman and her children in a state of poverty. For this reason, NOW-NYS strongly opposes A-9753a (Bing)/S3890a (Hassell-Thompson), a No-Fault divorce bill that has no provisions for the lesser or non moneyed spouse.

However, NOW-NYS has for decades urged the NYS Legislature to pass meaningful legislation protecting the financial futures of women and children. This year we finally have that chance, and to this end NOW-NYS urges the passage of two divorce reform bills that have been introduced and may be voted on next week.

The first measure is the "Counsel Fee and Expert Fee" bill, A-7569a (Weinstein) & S-4532a (Sampson), which would mandate that judges award some funds to the lesser or non-moneyed spouse. This bill will go a long way in leveling the playing field, because the party with the most money usually wins in court.
The second bill is the Post Marital Income or PMI bill, A10984a (Paulin) & S07740a (Hassel-Thompson), which provides what many know as alimony or maintenance. This measure would give the lesser-moneyed spouse a fighting chance for a more secure future.

Although NOW supports PMI legislation, we do so only with reservations, in that this particular PMI suggests "considering" but does not mandate inclusion of the lesser-moneyed spouse's age in the maintenance award formula.

Even so, together these bills are a package that would certainly address some, if not all of our concerns. And since ninety percent of all calls to the NOW-NYS office are from women going through a divorce, we consider this issue to be of utmost importance.

So NOW-NYS urges you to call or email your NYS Senator today, demanding that they vote YES on  the "Counsel Fee and Expert Fee" bill, A-7569a (Weinstein) and S-4532a (Sampson)along with "Post Marital Income or PMI" bill, A10984a (Paulin) and S07740a (Hassel-Thompson), to improve the financial security of women and children when divorce occurs.  And vote NO on A9753a (Bing)/S3890a(Hassell-Thompson) (No Fault Divorce) bill that will plunge women and children into poverty. 

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