Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Banning the Veil, Loving the Face?

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Banning the Veil, Loving the Face? On Tuesday July 13, a day before Bastille Day, the French assembly voted to ban the full-face veil in France. The vote fell in step with similar bans being considered or enacted in other EU countries, ...Read More


Global Roundup: Vatican, Argentina, Guatemala, Scotland VATICAN CITY: The Vatican has deemed the ordination of women priests a crime comparable to heresy and even sex abuse by priests. The Church still isn't doing too well on the latter front, as ...Read More

Nebraska Judge Blocks Abortion Screening Law A federal judge has blocked a new Nebraska law requiring elaborate mental health screenings and physical examinations for women seeking abortions, supposedly to ensure that they weren't coerced and ...Read More


Femicide May Be Grounds for Asylum Do you remember the core principle that emerged from the 1995 Beijing World Conference on Women? Women's rights are human rights. Hillary Clinton gave her famous speech, we saw it on banners and ...Read More

Serial Killers and "Nappy-Headed Hos" Remember Don Imus? Remember how upset we were a few years back when the wretched "shock jock" and his pals took to the radio airwaves to dis the women of the Rutgers women's basketball team ...Read More


Is Lilith Fair Feminist? Sarah McLachlan's Not Sure After a decade of silence, Sarah McLachlan rallied another troupe to make a nationwide pilgrimage in the name of the goddess Lilith. Not old enough to drive a car the last time Lilith Fair ...Read More


What Do Latinas Really Think About Feminism? There are a lot of theories about how Latinas view feminism. We're pro-life, unless we're too American. Our men are full of machismo and make our decisions. We reject feminism based ...Read More


Hooray for Choice! 10 Birth Control Options Besides "the Pill" While "the pill"-which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year-has been an incredible boon for women who want a contraceptive, it's not for everyone. Don't forget there ...Read More

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