Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ms. Blog eNewsletter: Hugh Hefner, Civil Rights Hero?

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What Should We Call Men Who Buy Young Girls for Sex? An important part of social change is the articulation of grievances, especially the naming of injustices. Feminists have developed many new terms that reflect women's experience of inequality and ...Read More


We Spleen: Hugh Hefner, Civil Rights Hero? Last night on Larry King Live, King interviewed the original Playboy on his pioneering civil rights activism. But there was barely a mention of Playboy's "pioneering" work in making ...Read More


Women Musicians Tell NPR It's a Man's Man's Man's World Women in rock have come a long way since Joan Jett was told girls don't play electric guitar. We have guitars made for women, by women. We have girl rock camps. Surely the music world is a friendlier ...Read More


Can Soccer Reduce Brazil's Domestic Violence? A troubling statistic from Brazil: Ten women are killed in the country every day due to domestic violence, according to a recent study called the "Map of Violence" published by the Sao ...Read More


A Feminist Focus at the International AIDS Conference The six-day International AIDS Conference,  ended today. At the annual conference, people working to stop the pandemic as well as persons living with HIV gather to assess progress, evaluate scientific ...Read More


Single Moms Fall Into the Gender Pay Gap Recent reports by the Center for American Progress (CAP) and The Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) have exposed the truth about unmarried women's economic security, and it's ...Read More


Forever 21's New Maternity Line Makes Teen Pregnancy Normal It doesn't really matter whether discount clothing retailer Forever 21 is specifically targeting pregnant teens with their new trendy maternity line, Love 21 Maternity. With 65 percent of their ...Read More


Why Kids in Montana (and Everywhere Else) Need Decent Sex Ed The capital of my home state of Montana is making national headlines for a totally wild concept: comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education starting in kindergarten. The Helena school board was ...Read More

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