Saturday, August 7, 2010

12th & Delaware

Last Monday, several members of the Young Feminist Task Force were fortunate enough to get together to watch the HBO premiere of the new documentary 12th & Delaware.
We first had a scrumptious pot-luck dinner on the rooftop, and could not have had a more perfect evening. After that we headed in to the apartment to enjoy the film.
The group came into the film with varying degrees of knowledge and experience about crisis pregnancy centers, but everyone certainly learned a lot and were exposed to the tactics and manipulations that these organizations use to keep women from making fully informed medical decisions.
Of course the most obvious attempt at manipulating women was their tactical placement of their "pregnancy care center" directly across the street from a comprehensive women's health center. Other tactics seen in the film were using ultrasounds, manikins, and graphic and unrealistic photos to manipulate women, lying to women about gestational age to interfere with their decision making process, and offering pregnant women support that they don't actually have the resources to provide. It was clear in many of the scenes that these people are not, by any means, acting in the best interest of women.
If you are interested in getting involved to help combat the influence of CPCs in the NYC area, please contact us for more information.

Posted by: Meghan