Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Action Alert: Help Canvas for progressive candidates

Organizing for America

In 2008, volunteers like you broke every record in politics -- you knocked on more doors, made more calls, and had more conversations with voters than any campaign in history.

Those conversations are what brought 15 million people to the polls for the first time, propelled Barack Obama to the presidency, and won majorities in the House and Senate.

In 2009 and earlier this year, Organizing for America volunteers like you used the lessons learned in 2008 to win historic victories reining in Wall Street and reforming a broken health care system.

But now we need to protect those gains and keep moving America forward -- which means we've got to get back on the doors, talking to voters about how important it is to vote this fall.

So we at OFA and others working to elect Democrats to Congress circled this weekend on the calendar and set a big goal: 200,000 doors knocked across the country in 48 hours.

OFA New York has set a goal of getting 6,032 of them -- and that means we need 201 volunteers in New York next weekend.

Can you find an event near you and RSVP to join us?

RSVP for a canvass near you

If Republicans win back control of Congress, we know what will happen: endless investigations into ginned-up controversies, non-stop attempts to repeal the progress we've made, and a complete drive to stop us from moving this country forward.

But we cannot go backward.

Health reform took a century-long fight to win. Its benefits are starting to help make sure families have the health care they deserve -- and you can bet this movement is going to protect what it's won.

Wall Street reform places the strictest new regulations on banks that they've faced since the Great Depression -- no wonder the Republicans are already saying they'll fight to repeal it, to make life easier for their special-interest friends.

To protect what we've won and keep the change coming -- from clean-energy legislation to immigration reform to putting more Americans back to work -- we're not done.

Which is why we need to keep fighting to get folks to the polls this fall.

We know -- from our own experience and research -- that nothing has more of an effect on voter behavior than real conversations. That's why OFA volunteers getting people to commit to vote -- on doorsteps and on the phone -- could well be the deciding factor in close races across the country.

I hope you can make it out, and be one of the 201 volunteers that OFA New York needs to hit its goal this weekend:


Thanks for all you do,

David Plouffe

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