Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Legislator voices support for Congresswoman Maloney

In the many years I've spent in politics, I've learned that smart legislators can get a lot done if they stick to their beliefs.
But it takes a certain brand of wit and strength in one's own convictions to be as effective a leader as Carolyn Maloney—I call that moxie.
As a former governor of New York, I know that it takes a special kind of grit to get truly transformative legislation to become law.  With her fearless leadership, Carolyn has proven she has all it takes... and more.
Who else could've successfully maneuvered the most significant reforms in the credit card industry's history through Congress?  And within the same year help craft an equally historic Wall Street reform package that was also signed into law?  What's more, she saw her provisions to increase access to care for women and working mothers included in the final version of this year's landmark Healthcare Reform bill, another piece of legislation she successfully championed.
You can't get consistent results on good ideas alone.  It takes determination.  It takes intellect.  It takes moxie.
I hope you'll consider joining me in supporting Carolyn and making a contribution, so she can continue to fight for New York.
We need to keep our most intelligent and most effective legislators in Congress— the future of the progressive agenda depends on it.
They don't come any tougher or more effective than Carolyn Maloney.  With all that's left to be done—bringing stability back to our fragile economy and creating good jobs for New Yorkers—we need her on the front lines to keep fighting for progress and reform.
If you'd like to make a contribution and help Carolyn continue her work, join me today.
Thank you,
Mario Cuomo
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