Thursday, August 12, 2010

Louisiana women under siege starting Monday

Did y'all realize just how disturbing the new anti-abortion legislation coming out of LA is? As detailed in today's National Partnership for Women & Families Daily Report, the laws that go into effect on August 15, unless blocked by a judge before then, will directly threaten a women's ability to receive unbiased information to help her make her decision about her pregnancy, as well as the abortion provider's ability to deliver care in a confident and secure manner (as if that were possible for any of the brave providers in this country).
While the new provisions requiring ultrasounds for all women before they receive abortion care is disturbing, it is nothing new for anti-choice legislators. However, blocking providers from accessing medical malpractice insurance because of a service they provide is downright unconstitutional. How on earth do they justify not providing insurance to providers of one of the most common medical procedures received? And how is this not very clear to everyone to be a blatantly unconstitutional attack on these doctors, as well as all women. If there were (hypothetically) a medical procedure that were for some biological reason was only performed on people of color, and it was repeatedly attacked by legislation that limited the ability for people to access safe, legal and affordable access to that procedure, it would clearly be a violation of the Equal Protection Claus of the 14th Amendment.
And yet, the State of Louisiana is allowed to single out doctors who provide a necessary service to the only minority that just so happens to be the majority, and deny them the same legal protections to every other doctor in state.
AHHHHHH!! Can we just freaking TRUST WOMEN? And their trained, qualified MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS?

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