Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thu, Sept 2: Help support someone Gloria Steinem supports. Meet Carolyn Maloney

Some of you might be interested in meeting Carolyn Maloney, who Gloria Steinem endorsed, along with other feminist leaders such as Terry O'Neill, Marcia Pappas, Ellie Smeal, Kim Gandy, and others.

From her campaign:

Congresswoman Maloney has been a great advocate for New York and a tremendous supporter of grassroots activism for many years. I think this is a great time for you and I to do something to thank her and show support for her tireless work on our behalf.

Carolyn has mentored and fostered a new generation of political leaders on the East Side of Manhattan. ...

She has fought to make student loans more affordable. She has protected young people and students from abusive and unfair practices by credit card companies. She passed a bill to process backlogged DNA tests that are used to track and prosecute rapists - have you ever seen Law and Order: SVU? That type of work is only possible because of Carolyn's hard work in Congress.

She had a major role in protecting women and families in the health care reform bill, and in bringing transparency to Wall street in the financial regulatory reform bill.

Now, Carolyn's working on giving health care to men and women who helped clear the rubble and search for survivor's in the aftermath of 9/11 who are now suffering from lung and other life-threatening diseases.

Carolyn has a tough re-election campaign and needs your support! Please, join her and our great host committee for this rally at a hot new venue in Murray Hill!

We ask that you contribute at least $50 to support the campaign, or sign-up (and follow through) with our Field Team to get out the vote on Election Day!

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, please email Jamie Ansorge at
Jamie@CarolynMaloney.com or call 212-228-5222. 

On Thursday September 2nd, I hope you can join others for a Young Professionals for Carolyn event in support of her re-election to US Congress.  The event will be from 6-8pm at a great new venue in Murray Hill right off the 6 train.

To join the Host Committee for this event and be listed on the invitation, you must pledge to bring at least 10 people to the event. Unlike most campaign events of this nature, there is no base price required for entry. The campaign does ask that everyone give what they can, however, this is about coming out in big numbers to support Carolyn. If your friends are happy to support the cause but cannot afford to make a contribution, that’s alright. At the event there will be opportunities to help the campaign in other ways.

Everyone on the host committee will be invited to a pre-event VIP reception with Carolyn. If you’d like to be listed or attend the VIP reception but cannot pledge to bring 10 people, the host committee price is $250.

If you’re interested, please let me know!



James L. Ansorge
Finance Director
Maloney for Congress
P: (212) 228-5222

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