Wednesday, September 1, 2010

14 for 14” to highlight 14 of Carolyn’s many achievements for the 14th Congressional district


Not many politicians have a list of accomplishments as long as Carolyn Maloney's.  That's why today we are launching "14 for 14" to highlight 14 of Carolyn's many achievements for the 14th Congressional district.

Each day, we'll be posting a new landmark accomplishment on our website, as we count down the last 14 days of the campaign and continue to build towards victory on Primary Day.

To kick off "14 for 14" -- I'd like to highlight a piece of legislation passed last year that is saving consumers billions of dollars a year. I'm talking about the Credit CARD Act -- Carolyn's own historic reform that is reining in the unfair practices of the credit card and banking industries.

This isn't the first time Carolyn has been a champion for consumers.  In fact, she's the reason ATMs have to disclose the fee they charge when you take out money. 

And when Carolyn is reelected, she'll be more dedicated than ever to fighting for consumers – a cause she has championed throughout her career in Congress. In fact, right now she's leading the charge to appoint Elizabeth Warren as Director of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law. 

Credit Card reform is just one of 14 accomplishments we've outlined as Carolyn's most significant so far.   Over the next two weeks, I invite you read our website, keep learning about all that she has done for New York and join our movement to help reelect one of this country's finest legislators.  Carolyn has done a lot for this district, and with your help, she'll be able to continue fighting for reform in Washington and continue making progress in our community.

To find out how you can get involved in our campaign, click here.

Thank You,

Matt Tepper
Campaign Manager

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