Friday, September 17, 2010

Action Alert: Help end a dangerous abortion ban on women in the military

Help end a dangerous abortion ban on women in the military.

Email your senators today.

We are so close to ending a law that blocks women in the military from accessing abortion.

Your message to your senators today could help us win. Will you take action on behalf of women fighting overseas?

More and more women are fighting in the military every year. And they're stationed overseas in places where local abortion facilities are inadequate or unavailable, or where they don't speak the language.

Servicewomen facing an unintended pregnancy overseas literally have nowhere to turn. The same is true for families serving abroad. Wives who depend on military services for their health care are banned from turning to their regular doctor if they face an unintended pregnancy.

This ban doesn't allow women to use their own money for abortion care. Ending the ban would mean that servicewomen could personally pay for abortion services at a military hospital where it's safe.

The Senate is close to ending this dangerous abortion ban, but we need you. Send an email to your senators calling on them to pass the bill repealing this ban.

We already won one round – when a Senate committee voted to repeal the ban.

But round two will be tough. Anti-choice senators are trying to stop us. We expect our opponents to use every chance they get to change the bill when the full Senate votes and keep the abortion ban in place. They've already rallied their anti-choice activists. The attacks are not going to stop.

Please contact your senators today.

Thanks for helping us put an end to this abortion ban that makes our servicewomen second-class citizens.

My best,

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


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