Monday, September 27, 2010

Action Alert: Two senators put a hold on National Women's History Museum

Please post anywhere. I just called both senators.

Two Senators put a HOLD on National Women's History Museum bill!  It will be the first museum of Women's History in DC. 
Call on Monday.  Our daughters need this museum.  We need this museum. Demand representation. 

The museum website:

Gail Collins article:


The legislation would simply allow a private group, conveniently named National Women's History Museum, to buy an unlovely piece of federal land on Independence Avenue for the site. "We will pay fair market value and pay for construction," said Joan Wages, the president. The bill allows five years to raise the money and break ground. If the group fails, the land would revert back to the government, which would get to keep the purchase price.

The problem, Meryl Streep pointed out at a fund-raiser for the museum this week, is getting the government to take the money. At the gala, Duane Burnham, the former chairman of Abbott Laboratories, announced a donation of $1 million in honor of his four granddaughters. Streep then put up $1 million herself.


" is that two senators, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, have put holds on the bill. A hold is one of those quaint Senate traditions that ensures that each individual member of the chamber will have the power to bring all activity to a screeching and permanent halt."

Sen. Jim DeMint:

Sen. Tom Coburn

The official website for museum

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