Monday, October 18, 2010

Ask anti-choice Republican attorney general candidate Dan Donovan what he's trying to hide!

Last week, we called out anti-choice Republican attorney general candidate Dan Donovan for his ties to a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) in Staten Island.

When Donovan worked in the office of the Staten Island borough president, he helped secure funding for the CPC for four years and even received an award from the anti-choice organization for his efforts.

Donovan claims he wasn't the one who was responsible for allocating funding to the CPC. But it's been five days and we still haven't gotten any clear answers from him on some key questions.

Dan Donovan, we need to know…

  • Why were you the one honored by the CPC?
  • Why were you the one named for securing grants for four years?
  • How much were the grants for?
  • Where did that money come from?
  • Why are you still not being upfront with voters about your ties to an anti-choice organization?

Ask Dan Donovan why he's trying to hide his ties to anti-choice organizations by sending him a message on Twitter or writing on his Facebook wall.

It's quick, it's easy, and it will help ensure that Dan Donovan knows New Yorkers want an attorney general we can trust to stand up for women's health and rights!

For choice,

Sabrina Shulman
Political Director

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