Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DAILY BRIEF: Staff hits campaign trail; Boxer jabs; Carnahan surges

MsRepresentation DAILY BRIEF: October 19, 2010

Please enjoy this digestible overview of important women and politics news - part of WCF's MsRepresentation project for the 2010 elections.

WCF Staff Hit the Ground on Campaigns Across the Country

After declaring a STATE of EMERGENCY for women in politics, WCF's entire staff and fellow class are now fanning out across the country to headquarters of WCF-Endorsed Candidates until Election Day. They have literally hit the ground running, already meeting the candidates, recruiting volunteers, attending events, and phone banking.

We have a total of 17 people working in 14 states: Missouri, Washington, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, Ohio, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, and New Mexico.

Will you contribute to our effort and impact the campaigns of these talented women across the country?

MsRepresentation will be keeping you in the loop about these candidates and campaigns, so stay tuned!

Boxer Punching Hard in Late Rounds

In the fight of her electoral life, Sen. Barbara Boxer launches tough, new ad criticizing Carly Fiorina as "out of touch" with California voters on a range of issues, including Fiorina's desire to "make abortion a crime."

After Superb Debate Performances, Carnahan Surges in Polls

Last week gave U.S. Senate hopeful Robin Carnahan the chance to demonstrate the differences between her and opponent Roy Blunt in two back-to-back debates. And the difference was clear: Blunt walked out after the debate instead of answering reporter questions. Was he upset at his performance?

Latest Public Policy Polling numbers now show WCF-endorsee Carnahan making a late surge in Missouri, closing the gap to 46-41 - a big jump from 45-38 in August. Politics Daily also notes that Carnahan has increased her support by Republicans.

In NY, Gillibrand Boosted by New Choice Ad

On the opposite side of the country, fellow female Senate incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand gets boost from NARAL NY's new ad touting her re-election. On the House side, NARAL Pro-Choice America also announced they are spending $70,000 late to help vulnerable, pro-choice incumbents.

Attacks on Sink Sinking Her Opponent

In Florida governor's race, St. Pete Times says attacks against Democratic nominee Alex Sink–who leads in latest poll by 7 points—are backfiring: "Sink's biggest ally is her opponent's negative ads against her. They are turning voters off and turning voters away from Republican [Rick] Scott."

FOX Commentator: Sexist Women Express Aggression Via Gossip, Slander

This ridiculous Phyllis Chesler commentary pubbed by Fox News misunderstands the role of women in politics on so many levels it leaves you scratching your head. Most wince-inducing quote: "Women and girls are more comfortable with expressing their aggression indirectly in less visible ways, through gossip, slander, and ostracism."

Election and a Makeover?

Female writer for Boston Herald suggests the real problem for Green-Rainbow gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts is that she needs a hair and apparel makeover.

"Year of the Conservative Woman" Meme May Never Die

Sonja Eddings Brown takes her cut in Politico.

State Update

A quick roundup of stories developing in the states: In Maine, gubernatorial candidates' positions on abortion differ; in Maryland, Bob Ehrlich uses new ad to appeal to female voters; in Oklahoma, the all-female governor's race obscures state's poor record on female state legislators.

That's today's Brief. Thanks for reading! Since we last checked in, Jodi explained the significance of that "X v. X" race between two female nominees in the Oklahoma governor's race; Jill examined the potential of women's representation in state legislatures to increase as well as Seattle Weekly's Lady Gaga imitation of Sen. Patty Murray.

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