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O'Donnell Discounts Rape; Women Voters Firewall?


MsRepresentation DAILY BRIEF: October 14, 2010

Please enjoy this digestible overview of important women and politics news - part of WCF's MsRepresentation project for the 2010 elections.

Was Christine O'Donnell Bewitching in Her Debating Debut?

That would be a resounding no. In last night's Delaware Senate debate with Chris Coons, what was O'Donnell's biggest offense (among many)? Calling rape and incest "scare tactics."

TIME Poll: Women Give Dems Late, Needed Boost

A new TIME magazine poll says women could turn out to be the "firewall" for nervous Democrats in November. Let's hope this surge of enthusiasm translates to women flocking to the polls in support of female candidates who support reproductive health choices.

Ann McLane Kuster Not So "Unlikely" After All

A new poll by The Hill shows Kuster just three points behind Rep. Charlie Bass, trailing 45 percent to 42, with 9 percent of likely voters undecided. Also, the New York Times just changed their rating of the race from "Leaning Republican" to "Tossup."

Fun Fact: Kuster's mother, Susan McLane, was one of WCF's founders. Not surprisingly, Kuster knows why we need more women running for office [VIDEO].

Barack's Better Half Back on Trail

Lost amid the focus on this year's women candidates is the ramped-up electoral activity of #1 Forbes' magazine-ranked most influential woman in America: First Lady Michelle Obama. CNN has the details.

X v. X Dispatches, Vol. 1 [NEW FEATURE!]

It's always encouraging when women capture both major parties' nominations for the same office, and MsRepresentation will be keeping her eye on such all-female general election match-ups.

This impressive story by a plucky reporter from the Boston University student paper is our first X v. X Dispatch. Best quote goes to Republican nominee Mary Connaughton: "I doubt any child grows up dreaming to be a state auditor, but that might change after they see me in action!"

Krystal Klear

The candidate everybody is talking about—gutsy, no-nonsense U.S. House nominee Krystal Ball—continues to make national news. Read what she told NPR, complete with audio.

Conservative Feminist Accountability

Today's must-read is a Tracey Vitchers blog post in Feministing, making the case for holding conservative women candidates accountable to feminist principles—and to make them recognize those from earlier generations who made their political careers possible in the first place.

NOW Calls on Brown to Fire Staffer Who Called Whitman A 'Whore'

Though Democratic gubernatorial that candidate Jerry Brown claims that it's "very hard" to detect who made the 'whore' comment, one of his endorsements, the National Organization for Women (NOW), is calling on him to fire this foul mystery associate.

The Great White (Male) North

There are countries where women are better represented in elected office than they are here in the good ol' USA. But the share of women in parliament in Canada, a country that elected its first female prime minister almost a century ago, is mired at around 20 percent. At WCF we focus on American politics, but we sympathize with our sisters North of the border.

Let Gloria Count the 9 Ways

Read a fantastic excerpt from former PPFA prez Gloria Feldt's latest book, 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.

That's today's brief. Since the last one, Jill Miller Zimon had a great take-down of an Esquire writer's inflammatory language about political women, including the claim that "Democratic women are old and unattractive."

Also, WCF Communications Fellow Julia Strasser reflected on the recent Most Powerful Women Summit and Jodi Jacobson posed the question: Will Sutton Winning the Ad War against Ganley Prove to be a Double-Edged Sword?

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