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Women & politics DAILY BRIEF: Whitman Chides Slur; Extreme Right-Wing Women Examined

MsRepresentation DAILY BRIEF: October 13, 2010

Please enjoy this digestible overview of important women and politics news - part of WCF's MsRepresentation project for the 2010 elections.

Whitman Scolds Brown During Debate Over "Whore" Comment

VIDEO: Things got a bit tense in last night's California gubernatorial debate, as former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw asked Brown to respond to the idea that the word "whore" is "to many women the same as calling an African American the 'N' word."

Brown's response? "I don't agree with that comparison." Ouch. Wrong answer.

Women Wipeout Watch

Top political storyline of the 2010 cycle? The tea partiers, of course. But running a closer and closer second is the emerging meme that women candidates—Democrats, especially—are headed into an electoral tsunami. The Politico offers the latest take.

Julie Lassa's Phone Number Published in Attack Ad

Jodi Jacobson: The nasty attacks on Wisconsin congressional candidate Julie Lassa just got worse—right-wing attack dogs published her phone number in a recent ad.

Santa Hats and Tequila Shots: Yes, Female Candidates Are Human

Jill Miller Zimon: The media seems quite focused on creating hype surrounding santa hats and tequila shots - what about the real issues?

Female Reporters Barred from Paladino Speech

It's tough for a major-party nominee of one of the nation's biggest and most diverse states to be less sensitive than holding an event at which he denigrates homosexuals. But GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino figured out how: By barring women reporters and photographers from covering him as he met with Hasidic Jewish leaders to bash gays.

Understanding Right-Wing Women Candidates

Sarah Jaffe's new piece in AlterNet—in which the Bitch Magazine writer deconstructs the fervor created by the attention-grabbing, far-right female candidates of 2010—is today's must-read.

Less Testosterone, Better Politics?

Oh no she didn't? Oh, yes, she did. Female French Prime Minister's comments about male libido and testosterone are creating buzz on both sides of the big pond.

Murray Touts Pro-Choice Record in WA Senate Race

Continuing trend of her fellow state Democrat and gubernatorial nominee John Kitzhaber—as reported in yesterday's Brief—Washington Sen. Patty Murray criticizes opponent Dino Rossi as a "turn-back-the-clock" threat to reproductive choice.

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