Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Boehner and Randall Terry: One Dangerous Anti-Choice Duo

Recently, notorious anti-abortion rights thug Randall Terry was treated to a face-to-face meeting with Rep. John Boehner's chief of staff. It's no exaggeration to say that when terrorists team up with the leadership of the newly elected Congress, we are facing dire threats to women's access to abortion care.

That's why your generous support of the NOW Foundation is more important than ever. NOW Foundation has a proud history of standing up to anti-abortion rights bullies like Randall Terry who use violence, threats of violence and intimidation to shut down abortion clinics. Will you make a year-end, tax-deductible contribution to the NOW Foundation today?

An urgent reminder of what's at stake is taking place just a few miles from my home, where Dr. LeRoy Carhart is being met with the same threats of violence and intimidation that led to Dr. George Tiller's brutal murder. And similar scenes are taking place all across the country.

When we honored Dr. Carhart at our annual conference last summer in Boston, we were inspired by his dedication to helping women who need abortions when pregnancies go horribly wrong. NOW Foundation stands by Dr. Carhart and other abortion providers across the country. We won't let the haters win -- no matter who their "friends in high places" may be. Please contribute today.

For equality and justice,

Terry O'Neill
President, NOW Foundation

P.S. Your tax-deductible donation will play an essential role in strengthening our ability to defend abortion clinics and health care providers and in advancing our mission of winning reproductive rights for all women. Please contribute today.

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1 comment:

Gary said...

Why do you all hate babies so much as to kill them? Why? Are babies evil? I thought killing an innocent human being was murder. How am I wrong?

I work with the "notorious" anti-child-killing Randall Terry. He fights for the true dignity of women, and their little little children.

Open your eyes. Beg God for mercy, so that your hearts will regain some of the innocence that was there before you started fighting for the right to murder the most defenseless.

Turn! Repent and see that you are on the side that kills precious babies! Learn to protect women from being violated by the "doctor's" knife.

Give up your evil ways! You don't have to be on the side of the killers. You are meant for better. Truly. God's heart is broken by your sin. And the unborn are broken apart limb from limb. God still loves you. Turn to him! Change your ways.

Give a donation to a shelter that protects the babies, that supplies for their needs, and the needs of their mothers. Wake up.