Thursday, January 20, 2011

Action Alert: Social Security on the chopping block

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"President Obama: Americans are counting on you to defend Social Security. Tell Congress you will veto any benefit cut, including raising the retirement age"

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Yesterday, Republicans passed a bill to repeal health care reform. We know that bill won't become law.

But their next target is Social Security—and there, they might just succeed.

Washington has been whipped into a frenzy over the deficit, and there are rumors the White House may try to cut a deal with Republicans by offering cuts to Social Security in the State of the Union1, just like they did over the Bush tax cuts.

Some key Democrats in Congress have also signaled that they're open to cutting Social Security.2 But cutting Social Security is massively unpopular3, and if we can spread the word that this threat is more real than ever, we can create an outcry loud enough to stop it in its tracks.

So we're aiming to get 150,000 signatures saying that any cuts to the most successful government program in history have to be completely off the table. We'll deliver the petition to the White House before the speech next week. Will you add your name?

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Tea Party hysteria about deficits is pushing Republicans—and many Democrats—to support big cuts to Social Security benefits. Speaker of the House John Boehner wants to cut benefits3 by over 20%4, and he's not alone. Members of the media, and even leading Democrats like Steny Hoyer are trumpeting Social Security cuts—even though Social Security runs a surplus, can't contribute to the deficit, and can be secured for decades without any cuts to benefits.

If the rumors are right, President Obama could be next to embrace cuts, even as soon as the State of the Union address next week. Social Security belongs to us, the people who pay into it, and benefit cuts are deeply unpopular—not to mention devastating for the middle class workers who count on benefits to make ends meet.

We can stop benefit cuts in their tracks, but President Obama needs to hear from us. We need a massive outcry in defense of Social Security, to convince the President to take benefit cuts off the table. We're aiming for 150,000 signatures to get things started—can you add your name?

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Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Joan, Duncan, Nita, and the rest of the team


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