Monday, January 24, 2011

Before you head to the movies, check this list to ensure you are not supporting rape

By now, we have all heard of the Roman Polanski scandal involving his rape of a 13-year-old, and the Hollywood types who supported his release from the authorities.  However, during the recent release of Black Swan, many people seemed to forget that the main character - Natalie Portman - along with the director - Darren Aronofsky - both signed the petition asking for his release.  Before you fork up $12 or more to watrch Black Swan or any other film on the big screen, I hope you will read the updated list of people who signed the petition.  If you must watch the film, please wait for it come out on Netflix.  Don't financially support people who think it's OK to rape and sodomize a child - as long as you are a famous director. 

In Solidarity,

N. Jerin Arifa
National NOW Board of Directors
National NOW Political Action Committee
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force, Chair
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force, Chair
National Organization for Women (NOW)

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