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Students Active For Ending Rape is looking for Spring 2011 INTERNS

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Outreach and Social Marketing Intern

Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) is looking for a Spring intern to assist with the promotion and growth of the Campus Accountability Project policies database. The Outreach and Social Marketing intern will work with the Campus Accountability Project Coordinator to reach out to potential student activists who are interested in organizing around the issue of sexual violence on their campuses. The internship will start the first week of February, 2011 and run until the last week of April, 2011.

About the Campus Accountability Project

The Campus Accountability Project (CAP) invites college students to become advocates by researching their schools’ sexual assault policies and find out what their schools are doing to prevent and respond to sexual assault. Students are encouraged to research their school’s policies and programs and submit their findings on our National V-Day/SAFER Campus Accountability Project Database. Our policy review form guides students through specific questions about what their school does and does not offer according to the current policy on the books. Students can begin the process and then save their work and return if needed. A complete policy analysis takes around two hours. Only students can submit to CAP. All CAP submissions are fact-checked by SAFER staff and then published on a public, search-able database which serves as a research tool for activists seeking to make change on their campus.

For more information about CAP, please see www.safercampus.org/campus-accountability-project. SAFER also offers an online library of organizing resources, the Activist Resource Center, in-person trainings, and an on-going mentoring program (AMP!) to support student-led movements for sexual assault policy reform.

If you are a college student, check to see if your school is missing from the database and submit today.

• Contribute to outreach efforts to increase submissions to CAP, including utilizing social networking, blogs, press opportunities etc.
• Research contacts at schools currently missing from the CAP policies database
• Design and propose innovative ways to reach student activists to take on the Campus Accountability Project as an action item for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April, 2011)
• Outreach to allied organizations (National, State and Local) to promote the CAP to their contacts
• Outreach to students at schools currently in the database to promote our online library of resources (ARC), our in-person trainings and the Activist Mentoring Program (AMP!)
• reviewing student-submitted policies for publication in the Campus Accountability Project database
• Other responsibilities as assigned

• located in NYC with the ability to come to the downtown Manhattan office at least once a week
• available to work 8 - 10 hours per week
• advanced undergraduate or graduate student
• able to work independently and meet deadlines

The Policy and Research Intern will be supervised by the Campus Accountability Project Coordinator. This internship is unpaid but we do offer one need-based scholarship for $600 available for qualified students. If you're interested in the Founders' Scholarship, please note this in your cover letter and we will send you the scholarship application. Please also let us know if you will be seeking school credit for this internship.

To apply please send a cover letter and resume highlighting your marketing and outreach experience to our Volunteer Coordinator, Daniel Wald at volunteer@safercampus.org

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