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House GOP Bill would eliminate care to women and children, including Food

House Republican Spending Cuts Devastating To Women, Families and the Economy

February 15, 2011
The bill introduced by House Republican leaders for funding – and de-funding – the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011, H.R. 1, takes aim at women and girls at every stage in their lives, from early childhood to K-12, through their working and childbearing years, and into old age.  For example, H.R. 1:

Eliminates the Title X Family Planning Program that Provides Contraceptives and Other Preventive Care to Five Million People Each Year

For more than forty years, the Title X program has provided family planning services, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and other preventive health care to low-income women in need.  Title X-funded health centers serve more than five million low-income women and men each year, and six in 10 women who obtain health care from a family planning center consider it to be their primary source of health care.  H.R. 1 also eliminates funding for teen pregnancy prevention, creating yet another barrier for young women in need of tools and resources to help them make healthy, responsible decisions about their health and lives. 

Cuts Nutrition Programs for Pregnant Women and their Children

H.R. 1 cuts $747 million from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, better known as the WIC program.   The WIC program provides low-income, nutritionally at-risk pregnant women, new mothers, and infants with food, counseling, and other supports.  This program makes a real difference; studies have linked WIC participation with higher birth weight and lower infant mortality.  Cutting this program will put millions of pregnant women and infants at risk. 

Cuts Funding for Prenatal Care

H.R. 1 cuts $50 million from the Title V Maternal & Child Health Block Grant.  Title V-supported programs provide prenatal health services to more than two million women and primary and preventive health care to more than 27 million children each year.  Cuts this deep will devastate state and local programs serving women, babies, children, and children with special health care needs.

Cuts Child Care and Head Start that Keeps Children Learning, Women Earning

H.R. 1 cuts more than one billion dollars from the Head Start program and $39 million from child care, causing 368,000 children to lose early learning support.  Head Start and Early Head Start and the Child Care Development Block Grant are our key federal early learning investments. These programs make a real difference for the millions of families and children they serve, by allowing low-income children to start school ready to succeed and supporting and enabling families to work—yet millions more families and children are unable to participate due to already insufficient funding.  Cuts in early care and education programs will result in even fewer children benefiting from early learning programs.

Eliminates Funding that Helps Schools Comply With Title IX

H.R. 1 eliminates the Women's Educational Equity program, which promotes education equity for women and girls and helps educational agencies meet their obligations under Title IX, the law that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding.

Cuts Programs that Help Students Pay for College

H.R. 1 cuts funding for Pell grants, which have been essential to helping low-income women afford college.  These cuts would amount to a loss of more than $800 for each student.  It further eliminates the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant program, which provides additional grants of up to $4,000 to the lowest-income Pell recipients and reaches 1.3 million of the nation's neediest students.  Cuts to these programs will make college less accessible for low-income women.

Cuts Funding for Job Training

H.R. 1 cuts over $2 billion from job training programs that are critical in preparing workers for employment in growth industries. These programs are particularly important for women workers, many of whom are concentrated in low-wage, low-skill, low-security jobs without opportunity for advancement.

Cuts Funding for Social Security Offices and Supports for Elderly Women

H.R. 1 cuts funding for the Social Security Administration by hundreds of millions.  These cuts will force thousands of layoffs and furloughs in offices across the country, which means delays in processing applications for the Social Security and Medicare benefits Americans have earned. The bill also cuts funding for a range of supports for elderly people, including employment services, meals, and housing.  Women are a majority of Social Security and Medicare recipients and more than two-thirds of the elderly poor – so they will be disproportionately harmed by these cuts.
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