Monday, February 14, 2011

Show Your Love On Valentine’s Day: Support the Contraception is Prevention Campaign!


  Love responsibly and take action on Valentine's Day!
Support the Contraception is Prevention Campaign!

The health reform law is supposed to make women's preventive health care - including comprehensive contraceptive care - available without co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs.  Speak up to make sure that this will include comprehensive contraceptive care. This change would make prescription contraceptives affordable and ensure that every woman has access to the contraceptive method that works best for her.

Today, on Valentine's Day, and through this week, you can show your support in three ways:
  • Sign the Contraception is Prevention petition.
  • Forward this email to friends, family and colleagues and encourage them to sign the petition.
  • Collect signatures on paper and send them back to us - you and download a copy of the Contraception is Prevention petition here.
We're on the edge of an historic advance for women's health, but once again the health system is slower to respond our health care needs than men's.  Speak out on Valentine's Day this year and let policymakers know that by Valentine's Day next year the law should extend preventive health protections to women too!

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