Friday, February 11, 2011

Tell the US Government to Fund People's Needs, not Dictators and Violent Regimes

Tell the US Government to Fund People's Needs, not Dictators and Violent Regimes!

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Asmaa Mahfouz, whose video helped spark a revolution

February 11, 2011

With great joy in our hearts and tears in our eyes, we celebrate Hosni Mubarak's resignation.  Tune into Al Jazeera to watch the immense jubilation and latest news.

While people are celebrating in Tahrir Square and around Egypt, we encourage you to join with the Egyptian community in your city for celebrations and ongoing rallies to ensure the success of the Egyptian people's demands (which you can read here).

Today, 2/11, will go down in history and this incredible nonviolent uprising will reshape the Arab world for decades to come.  We hope that this day, rather than 9/11, will also redefine the US relationship to the Middle East.  

We must not forget that Mubarak's regime was propped up by one US administration after another for 30 years in order to maintain the balance of power in the region in favor of Israel.  This is a perfect moment to tell Congress that you want your taxdollars to support people's needs, not dictators or the violent policies of the Israeli government. Use our online letter to contact Congress and the President today!

Let's also remember that this nonviolent movement was sparked by the courageous actions of brave young people, especially the April 6 youth movement. It teaches us that one voice--like that of the 26-year-old Egyptian woman Asmaa Mahfouz, who put out a powerful video call for a protest in Tahrir Square on January 25--can ignite millions to action.  

The Egyptian uprising is an inspiration to people everywhere who clamour for freedom and justice.  The successes of people-powered change in Tunisia and Egypt will likely produce a domino effect throughout the Middle East.  We have so much to learn from these movements that we can bring home to the US to create a shift in our culture of occupation and war.  It's time to reclaim people power and put our hopes and dreams into action!

Onwards ever,
Medea, Ali, Billy, Chelsea, Farida, Felice, Jase, Jean, Janet, Jodie, Kit, Kristen, Nancy, Rae, Shaden, Sharat and Tighe

PS Hear Medea speaking about her time in Cairo on GritTV and for more updates visit our Egypt webpage.  Follow us on twitter @codepinkalert.

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