Monday, March 14, 2011

1-year-old with heart condition could die if Republicans have their way

MoveOn members are getting together at Defend the Dream events all over the country this week. There's an event near you in Manhattan. Can you make it?
Hi. I'm a MoveOn member like you, and a mom. I'm writing today because I'm really scared about what will happen to my family if Republicans get their way with the budget, which could happen any day now.

I've got a 1-year-old son with serious heart problems. Thanks to a program called WIC, he gets the formula he needs. But Republicans want to cut money from WIC, and I'm really worried we won't be able to afford it anymore.

I'm also in school and about to get my degree, which I'm really proud of. But after looking for months, I haven't found a job. The thing is, experts say we'll lose 700,000 jobs if this Republican budget passes! I won't give up looking for a job, but I can't even imagine how much harder it will get.

I'm scared for my baby, myself, and my family. So I'm taking action. Tomorrow, I'm going to a Defend the Dream rally organized by MoveOn members here in Kentucky. And I'm hoping you'll go to a rally this week, too.

There's a Defend the Dream event tomorrow near you in Manhattan—will you go? You can sign up here:

It's not just how hard it is to find a good job, or potentially losing my baby's formula. Every piece of what Republicans are planning will hurt so many people—I felt I needed to do something. They want to cut funds for day care, which my son will need when I find a job. They want to cut money for schools and teachers, which means bigger classes for him and his friends when he's older. And they're taking away protections for clean air and water, which he needs—and we all need—to live.

As the parents of a baby who's already had open-heart surgery twice, I think his dad and I can handle an awful lot. But what Republicans are doing makes me scared for the future of America.

So that's why I'm going to this event tomorrow. It's my first MoveOn event—being a mom, student, and looking for a job, I'm pretty busy. And I bet you are too. But I hope you can come to the event tomorrow in Manhattan. I know we can make a huge difference.

Click here to sign up for the event in Manhattan tomorrow. I hope you can make it!

Thanks so much, and have fun at the event.

–Ashley Sparks, MoveOn member in Lexington, KY

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There's a Defend the Dream event tomorrow near you in Farmingdale—will you go? You can sign up here: