Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arrested -33 CUNY Professors and Staff in Albany Budget protest

Please find below an email from Professor Tami Gold of Hunter College.

I want to share with you some of the press coverage from the PSC CUNY led protest on Wednesday, March 23rd in Albany.   It is inspiring that our union refuses to stand by quietly while New York's budget is balanced on the backs of working and middle-class New Yorkers. The protest drew hundreds of people. Thirty-three participants who peacefully sat down and blocked the doors to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office were arrested. Everyone from first-time protesters to seasoned activists said it was an empowering experience.

"I wish millionaires had to yell, block hallways and protest in public to get the tax cuts they seem to need so badly. Instead, we force teachers and professors to drive up to Albany just to try to get lawmakers to hear their case...."

Check out the video link and the press coverage.
And come to our next Hunter Chapter meeting on April 6th at 1:10pm.  It is critical that we are all involved.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Tami Gold, Hunter PSC Chapter Chair

Here's the address for the YouTube video of Wednesday's direct action in Albany:


Albany Times-Union:

Albany TV report:

Albany radio reports:

Associated Press story, on the web at Wall St. Journal, Newsday, Albany Times-Union, Syracuse Post-Standard and other upstate papers, & many more:

Protest featured on the three most widely-read blogs on NY State politics:
            We sparked a very active discussion on the Times-Union's blog, both pro & con.  Here's a sample: "I wish millionaires had to yell, block hallways and protest in public to get the tax cuts they seem to need so badly. Instead, we force teachers and professors to drive up to Albany just to try to get lawmakers to hear their case...."  Check the comments by "Corporatist Cuomo" & "George Bailey."

NY Post editorial attacks us, we must be doing something right:

NY1 report uses PSC protest to set the scene, and as a counterpoint to Cuomo's shutdown talk:

Rochester TV station's report (text only) calls protest part of push by "New Yorkers [to] put more and more pressure on Governor Cuomo to rethink his proposed budget cuts":

Protest was featured on NYC's ABC-TV affiliate in the 6:00 pm news, but that video's not online.  It's main item in their "politics" section on the web, with the original AP story:

Buffalo News takes same approach as NY1; also has some raw video:

Some good details on the demonstration, cited as part of "an uncommon level of protest" in Albany, in the final 1/3 of a different AP story that's an overview on where Cuomo's at.  NY Post, Newsday, Wall St. Journal, & other sites have picked it up:


List above not comprehensive-- the three AP stories detailing the protest got wide circulation, I've included only one link for each.  Protest also mentioned in other articles about the overall budget situation, & on some TV affiliates that didn't post that video online.

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