Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keep Misogynist Glenn Beck off NYC radio

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Glenn Beck's hate, misinformation, and scapegoating on your radio stations."

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For years, Glenn Beck has filled the airwaves with hate and division. He called President Obama "a racist" and said unions are conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood for "a New World Order."

Since January 17, Beck's syndicated radio show has been off the air in New York City. Five stations have told our allies at Jewish Funds for Justice that they will not add Beck to their lineup. But two stations have refused to commit—WNYM and WMCA. Both are owned by Salem, a conservative Christian broadcasting company that has recently picked up Beck's show in other cities.

Tell WNYM and WMCA to keep Beck's conspiracy theories off our airwaves:

Beck's rhetoric has led hundreds of people to issue death threats against CUNY professor Frances Fox Piven,1 stirred Gregory Giusti to threaten to firebomb Nancy Pelosi's house,2 and inspired Byron Williams' attempt to assassinate officials at the Tides Foundation and ACLU. Williams himself says of Beck: "it was the things he exposed that blew my mind."3 

Beck even called his own show "a recipe for disaster" in a stunning moment of clarity this month, while issuing a rare apology for his comparison of Reform Judaism to "radicalized Islam."

"'s the thing. I'm on the air for four hours, every single day. Four hours every day, live, without a script. That is a recipe for disaster." —Glenn Beck4

We couldn't agree more. Will WNYM or WMCA risk bringing Beck's violent, paranoid, anti-Semitic hate-mongering back to New York City? Sign here to help keep Beck off our airwaves:

Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Robin, Laura, Milan, and the rest of the team


1. "Target Of Glenn Beck's Ire Recounts Threats," NPR, February 27, 2011

2. "Suspect's mother faults Fox News for son's alleged threats against Nancy Pelosi on health care," New York Daily News, April 9, 2010

3. "Did Glenn Beck's rhetoric inspire violence?" The Christian Science Monitor, October 16, 2010

4. "Glenn: "Lead with your mistakes", February 24, 2011

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