Friday, March 4, 2011

MD County Commissioner states unequivocally that a woman's place is in the home

From Sonia Fuentes, one of the founders of NOW.

With his 12 children, he made sure that his wife did.

Interestingly, there was a woman on the Today show this morning who had been married twenty years, and had two young sons, aged about five and eight, when she got a research opportunity to go to Japan for six months. It changed her life—upon her return, she divorced her husband, left her sons, and embarked on her own career. She's published her memoir, which is up for some prestigious literary prize.  She said she was not cut out to be a wife and mother.  I'm not saying I approve of or applaud her decision to abandon her sons (who are now teenagers, whom she lives near and sees about once a week) but her comments are in stark contrast to this Neanderthal in MD.  You can read about her here:


Sonia Pressman Fuentes
Speaker, Author:  Eat First--You Don't Know What They'll Give You, The Adventures of an Immigrant Family and Their Feminist Daughter

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