Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wonder Woman? I think not.

The original series aired in 1975. The new series is slated for 2011. Let me get this straight---the Wonder Woman costume comes out---and the only thing critics decry is that the costume is not authentic to the original series? An outcry goes out because she should NOT be wearing pants, but no one notices how the image on the left makes her waist and legs smaller than they are in the image on the right (where she is on set)?

Are we perhaps missing the point? Better yet, shouldn't the modern Wonder Woman not be a sexpot, but a feminist icon? Perhaps we should care less about the ratings and more about the messages we are sending?

Who's up for writing to the producers en masse?

The "Wonder Woman" costume, before (left) and after
NBC/Justin Lubin, Gaz Shirley/

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