Friday, April 22, 2011

Demand that Judges stop forcing moms to give child visitation to child molesters

The following action alert is a result of many bad examples of judges forcing mothers to let convicted sex offenders visit their children, sometimes overnight.  These programs of reunifying serial rapists/child molesters through prison visitation with their very young children, is done at the expense of taxpayer money.  Here are some examples, provided by Tracy of Mid-Suffolk NOW:

    Those of us who try to "stay in the know" with court trends in trendy NY cant help but notice the new fashion in court orders is: keep your child close to a child molester.    
    Below are 3 separate news articles involving NYS judges ordering children visitation with their fathers/ serial rapists/child molesters. 2 have been transferred with the office of court administration refusing to reveal their new job or location, though they did say they have not been fired. The 3rd is still in place as a higher court upheld the decision.    
    Remember the good old days when thousands of children were taken away from mothers and put in foster care because mom didn't grab those kids and run away from the abusive father far enough, even if they had nowhere to go, no money to get them there, or too beaten down themselves? Now, what do we tell people who discover their children have been abused? Get cozy cause the court will be ordering them back to daddy anyway? The legal standard states the court must act in "the best interests of the child". I bet some of you are really confused right now, so let me clarify this   
    The fashion this Spring for NY ladies is....damned if you do....damned if you don't. Be sure to pass this on to all the ladies "in the know " that you know, don't know.   
    Case #1 Saratoga County  
    In a 3-2 decision, the Appellate Division, Third Department, in Culver v. Culver, affirmed that part of a Saratoga County Family Court decision of Judge Courtenay Hall which granted visitation to an incarcerated father with his 5-year old daughter.  The father, Christopher Culver, 35, a former Shenendehowa elementary school teacher, pleaded guilty in 2008 to a 49-count indictment which included 29 counts of first degree sexual abuse arising from his molestation of 8 of Culver's first grade male students.   
    Case #2 Suffolk County 
    During the visitation hearing in January, Judge Tarantino joked about child pornography, misstated the facts of the case, refused to hear expert testimony regarding sexual-abuse recidivism and maintained an "inappropriate" relationship with the father's attorney, according to the complaint. The complaint was filed Tuesday with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct by Parents for Megan's Law and the Crime Victims Center, a Long Island advocacy group. It was also forwarded to the OCA, which is independent from the commission The OCA transferred the judge out of Family Court on Monday, based on the allegations underlying the complaint.   
     Case #3 Brooklyn NY 
    Brooklyn mom jailed for 50 days for keeping son from visiting serial rapist dad

Governor Cuomo and New York State Legislature must demand that Judges stop giving visitation to convicted sex offenders.

National Organization for Women-NYS Decries Court Ordered Visitation with Convicted Sex Offenders

Click on this link to contact Governor Cuomo & your state legislature.

Urge Governor Cuomo & NYS Legislature to Protect Women & Children
National Organization for Women-NYS
Decries Court Ordered, Visitation with Convicted Sex Offenders 
NOW-NYS urges the NYS Assembly to pass common sense legislation immediately halting all court ordered, forced visitation with pedophiles and sex offenders. We ask that all taxpayer funded programs used for this purpose be cut off immediately and completely. Finally, we ask for a means to remove bad judges.   Judges suffer no consequences for their actions and their actions are often careless and dangerous.

You can also call Governor Cuomo at (518) 474-8390

Click on this link to contact Governor Cuomo & your state legislature.

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