Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Equal Pay Day, Rally4Health, War on Women, Ms. Magazine

NOW News and Action Summary
National Organization for Women:
News & Action Summary
April 12, 2011

Gender Wage Gap, Current Threats to Economic Justice Linked

April 12 marks Equal Pay Day, which occurs at a pivotal time for U.S. workers, particularly women. As feminists call attention to the persistent gender wage gap, we would do well to demonstrate its link to the various ways government and big business are breeding economic injustice in this nation. Read more.

NOW Stands Strong at Rally for Women's Health

On April 7, thousands of activists flooded Capitol Hill. The "Stand Up for Women's Health" rally and lobby day was organized to demonstrate that conservative attacks on women's access to reproductive health care will not be tolerated. Read more.

It's Up to Democrats to Stop GOP Assault on Women, Children, Seniors and the Poor

The proposed 2012 Republican budget would wipe out critical social programs crafted over many decades to protect the most vulnerable and safeguard the middle-class. The White House and the Democratic leadership must stand up for simple justice. Read more.

Hands Off Social Security: National Call-In Days

To reduce the federal deficit, politicians in Washington are proposing deep cuts to Social Security benefits. We need to stop them. Call your Senators, and tell them to vote YES on the Sanders-Reid Social Security Protection Amendment. Take action!

Family Law Newsletter - Spring 2011 (PDF)

NOW's Family Law Committee produces a newsletter with current news and information regarding the crisis for mothers and children in family courts. Because this issue touches so many lives, NOW makes this newsletter available to the general public online. Read more (PDF).

Special Offer: Support NOW, Get Ms.

Support NOW, Get Ms.
Through May 6, we are partnering with Ms. magazine, an award-winning feminist publication. When you donate $25 to NOW you can receive Ms. magazine for one year -- for free! And if you're not a NOW member, join today and get a Ms. magazine with your $25 join.

Join Us: NOW Spring Board Meeting

Join us by webinar on Sunday, May 1, for NOW's spring board meeting. It's open to all NOW members! And if you're not yet a NOW member, join today so you can attend. Read more.
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