Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey Tea Party: Stop taking jabs at women to make your point!

Is anyone else sick of this? There are countless examples of Tea Party conservatives proving to the nation that they do not have the interests of woman at heart, but there is no need for their activist to turn out to a rally to cut budget spending and shout the following:

"Kathy Dirr, of Liberty Township, Ohio, in Majority Leader John Boehner's district, put it bluntly. 'I say to the Republican leadership, take off your lace panties, stop being noodle backs, take a strong, bold, unwavering stand, she told the rally, to great approval (for the full article, please see|main5|dl8|sec1_lnk2|53483)."
Enough already! If you care to criticize a politician's position, please find another way to do so without attacking them by referring to them as being too feminine. It would be nice to see an adult conversation for a change.

Exactly what is it that they are trying to say? Apparently their message is that if Congress does not enact these harsh budget cuts, the Tea Party constituents will vote their representatives out of office. How does this relate to lace panties exactly? The implication is that if they do not "man up" and enact these cuts that they are either women, or gay (which implies that they are "acting like women").

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