Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take Action NOW and Save Family Planning Funding by Friday

Call Your Representatives NOW to Save Family Planning Funding
House & Senate will vote on budget this Friday, April 8th
If we do not act now, we could lose access to vital healthcare like screenings for cancer, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted infections, and diabetes, and contraception access for millions of women.

The House is proposing to slash all family planning dollars that flow to the thousands of women's health clinics across the country, many of which are the ONLY health care option for women.  These clinics collectively serve an estimated 5 million women.   

What other vital services are on the chopping block? 
  • $750 Million in nutrition programs for pregnant women and children - ELIMINATED
  • Access to breast and cervical cancer screenings for 5 million women - ELIMINATED
  • Slashing early childhood education funding, including eliminating $1 billion for Head Start and $40 million in child care
  • Teen pregnancy prevention grants - ELIMINATED
  • $50 million to Maternal and Child Health Block Grant that supports state-based prenatal care and services for special needs children - ELIMINATED

What you can do NOW: 
1. Reach out to your Senators today. If you're a New Yorker, thank Senator Gillibrand (212.688.6262) for forcefully speaking out against these cuts. [Watch video]  Call (212.486.4430) or email Senator Schumer's office and thank him for promising that these cuts will be "dead on arrival" in the Senate. Then ask friends and family in other states to reach their Senators. They can send a simple message asking their Senator to please Vote NO on any budget bill that eliminates family planning funding.

2. Contact your Representative today and tell them to protect critical funding for women's healthcare. Preventive services such as contraception and family planning education actually REDUCE the number of unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion. Tell them to reject budget cuts to Planned Parenthood and vital family planning and to reject H.R. 217, or theTitle X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (learn more here) which would cause the same devastation to women's health as the proposed budget cuts.

3. Forward this message to your friends across New York and the country, and post on facebook and twitter.  

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