Friday, May 20, 2011

Help Kathy Hochul Win Special Election May 24

National Organization for Women Political Action Committees

Help Kathy Hochul Win Special Election May 24

Elect Women NOW

NOW/PAC endorsed candidate, Kathy Hochul (D) has an incredible opportunity to win the Special Election in New York's 26th congressional district on May 24.

This race is receiving national attention, with new polls showing Hochul about even or slightly ahead in this traditionally Republican district as she speaks out about attacks on Planned Parenthood funding, the House leadership's plan to voucherize Medicare, and proposed cuts to Social Security, education, and other programs that serve and employ women. With your help, we could win this seat!

What YOU can do:

  1. Vote for Kathy Hochul on May 24
  2. Volunteer for phoning by emailing our NOW/PAC volunteer organizer []
  3. Contact the campaign to offer help in these crucial last days

Contribute to NOW/PAC to help candidates like Kathy win victories that impact all women!


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