Monday, May 16, 2011

Rally & petition to change immigration law that puts crime victims' lives at risk. We still have time to stop it from coming to NYC

You may know about "secure communities," which puts domestic violence victims' lives in jeopardy. 

It requires the police to send fingerprints of EVERYONE they arrest to Immigration & Customs Enforcement, whether or not the person is guilty.  This is already in effect throughout the country, including parts of NY State.  Mayor Bloomberg signed an executive order preventing NYPD from asking immigration questions of anyone.  However, former Gov. Paterson signed the "secure communities" law, which trumps Bloomberg's executive order.  I am sure I don't have to explain to you the repercussions of this law.  Across the country, women and children are dying because they are undocumented, and afraid to call 911 in fear of deportation.  This is especially problematic in domestic violence cases where the police arrest both parties, if they cannot determine who is the abuser.  Imagine calling the cops because you fear for your life, or because you were a rape victim - only to be arrested and deported.  This law has resulted in the deportation and imprisonment of domestic violence victims.

Please sign the following petition to stop NY from participating in this program. 
Join immigrant families, elected officials and organizations on Wednesday MAY 18th to DEMAND a full rescission of the agreement! Governor Cuomo needs to take a stand in support of immigrant families!
When: Wednesday, May 18th, 11am – 12pm
Where: In front of the Governor's office: 633 3rd Ave (@ 41st St)
Who: Immigrants and their families, NY elected officials, community organizations
Sponsored and coordinated by the New York State Working Group Against Deportation. Call (646) 290-5551 for more information.


Sam said...

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Jerin said...

Thanks for your comment, Sam.