Friday, May 27, 2011

Show your support for rape survivors by protesting the NYPD verdict

NOW-NYC Masthead

"Not Guilty" Verdict Does Not Hold Up in Court of Common Sense
NOW-NYC Urges Judge to Give Max for Misconduct
Are you as shocked as we are about the NYPD officers who were acquitted of raping an intoxicated woman whom they were dispatched to assist? Is it open season on intoxicated women?
We're asking ourselves these questions, and demanding that our culture Take Rape Seriously. After a 6-week long trial where mounting evidence and emotional testimony documented the sexual assault of an intoxicated woman by an NYPD officer that was called to her aid, the two officers involved were convicted of only three counts of official misconduct. Sentencing is set for June 28. NOW-NYC Press Release
Show Your Support for Rape Survivors Everywhere
Friday, May 27, 12:00 NOON
Stand with NOW-NYC and other advocates on the steps of City Hall to speak out on the verdict and call on our justice system and the public to Take Rape Seriously.
More info: | 212-627-9895
260 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
to Park Place
to Broadway-Nassau Street
to Fulton Street
to City Hall
train to the Brooklyn Bridge station or Fulton Street station

Activist Buzz
Moreno & Mata Fired from NYPD After Official Misconduct Charges

Jury Clears Officers

Why Do We Make Excuses for Men in Power?

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