Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thu, 6/2: "Birth Control Post Health Reform: Will it be free?"

From National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

May 25, 2011

Birth Control: Nuestra Salud, Nuestra Prevención

We think birth control is preventive care. Don't you?

A key part of the health law that Congress passed last year will require new health insurance plans to fully cover women's preventative health care services with no co-pays for their members. But birth control is still at stake.

Join us for a cafecito as we discuss the challenges and opportunities the decision to offer free birth control by the Department of Health and Human Services presents to those of us fighting for reproductive justice.

You will enjoy listening to the discussion led by Rebecca Medina, Policy Analyst, (NLIRH), and featuring guests:

Destiny Lopez, Director of Latino Engagement, Planned Parenthood Federation of America,

Amy Allina, Program Director, National Women's Health Network, and

Sara Hutchinson, Domestic Program Director, Catholics for Choice. 

Thursday, June 2nd

11:00am EST - English

12:00pm EST - Spanish

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In solidarity,

Silvia Henriquez

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