Thursday, June 9, 2011

Action Alert: Ask your senators to help domestic violence victims by extending length of stay in shelters

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE CALLS AND SIGN PETITION!!  PLEASE DO THIS BY FRIDAY!  Try to get your friends and co-workers to make the calls.  We need numerous calls per location

We must continue the fight to extend the length of stay in domestic violence shelters to 180 days.  This legislation has already passed in the Assembly.  Now it needs to pass in the Senate.  We are urging you to call (and ask all of your friends/co-workers to call) the Senators below and sign the petition below.  PLEASE HELP!!


Senator Patrick Gallivan – Chair of the Social Services Committee (518-455-3471)
Senator Daniel Squadron – Ranking Member of the Social Services Committee (518-455-2625 or 212-298-5565)
Senator Dean Skelos – Majority Leader (518-455-3171)

Sample script:  "I am calling to urge Senator ___, to vote S.973 out of Committee.  This important piece of legislation will save victims' lives by allowing them to stay in emergency domestic violence shelter for 180 days.  This additional time will mean better housing outcomes, increased safety, and self-sufficiency.  This legislation is cost neutral."



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