Monday, June 13, 2011

Action Alert: Healthcare, Gun Control & Hydrofracking

From Greater NYC for Change


Our new governor, Andrew Cuomo, is putting out a bill, a bill that progressives will likely support, but also likely want to IMPROVE upon. There are some key State Assemblymembers we should be reaching out to. Key Assembly targets are: Richard Gottfried (Health chair, phone: 212-807-7900), Joe Morelle (Insurance chair, phone: 585-467-0410), and Jim Brennan (Corporations chair, phone: 718-788-7221). Our goal is to let these folks know that we want a PUBLIC OPTION. Remember that? Yeah. We can have one in New York state. Call them and tell them we want a public option to be part of the Governor's bill. We'll be the belle of the ball, too, if we can pull it off.

Gun Control

And now over to the other side of the bicameral legislature. We need to call some State Senators. They need to pass Microstamping into law. Check out this common-sense measure that the POLICE are on board with:

Be a crime fighter! Help us call on the New York State Senate to pass Microstamping into law. If the law is passed, each gun made or purchased in New York will be required to have a unique code imprinted on the shell casing as the gun fires. Police can then link the shell casing to the purchaser of the gun, providing valuable leads to the many tragic shootings that occur each day in New York State. Call these state senators and senate leadership! Senator Martin Golden: (518) 455-2730; Senator Andrew Lanza: (518) 455-3215; Senator Jack Martins: (518) 455-3265; Senator Skelos, Senate Majority Leader: (518) 455-3171; Senator Saland, Chair of Codes Committee: (518) 455-2411. Tell Them: "Please Support the Microstamping Bill, S 675. Microstamping is a tool that police want and need." For more information on Microstamping, please see

And now, from our friend Ling and the organization United for Action, hydrofracking:

We take pride in the fact that New York City has the best tasting and unfiltered tap water in the country. The gas companies are pushing to start drilling gas in our watersheds at any moment which would potentially contaminate our drinking water. Hydraulic fracturing impacts our neighborhoods, our city, our state, our country and beyond. This is one of the most critical public health and environmental issues of our time. On Tuesday June 14th at the Westbeth Community Room at 55 Bethune Street in Manhattan there will be a presentation followed by discussion on this dangerous drilling practice and what we can do to protect our pristine water and clean air.
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