Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Action alert: help pass legislation mandating judges inquire if criminals possess firearms

BILL # S01003-A (Peralta) /A 2494-B (O'Donnell)
Senate Sponsor Senator Jose Peralta
Assembly Sponsor Assembly Member O'Donnell
The National Organization for Women-New York State Supports Legislation that would require a judge in a criminal proceeding or in a family court proceeding, upon issuance of an order of protection, to inquire as to the ownership of a firearm by the defendant or respondent. This legislation has passed the NYS Assembly. In order to become law, it must pass the NYS Senate and be signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Take Action NOW! Click  here on the Take Action link and send a message http://capwiz.com/nownys/utr/1/NEJVQAJXXK/DHLGQAJXYR/7024164506  to your NYS Senator and Governor Cuomo.
Current law provides for the mandatory and permissive revocation or suspension of firearms licenses and ineligibility for such licenses upon issuance of temporary orders of protection or orders of protection. However, those statutes do not require the court to actually inquire as to the existence and location of any firearms owned or possessed by the defendant or respondent. Currently, some judges do make such an inquiry, while others do not. This bill will help ensure that judges have information they need to make the decisions already required by existing statutes by mandating that this inquiry be made on issuance of orders of protection or upon willful failure to obey previous orders. Thus, courts will have, as a matter of record, disclosure by defendants or respondents regarding the existence and location of any and all firearms owned or possessed by a defendant or respondent in these matters.
Take Action! http://capwiz.com/nownys/utr/1/NEJVQAJXXK/DHLGQAJXYR/7024164506
Hold perpetrators of violence accountable.

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