Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FREE leadership training from Bella Abzug Leadership Institute

2011 BALI Free Ten-Day Youth Leadership and Debate Training: August 1st - August 12th

This year we will be offering both HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE FEMALE STUDENTS the opportunity to participate in the training.

After the first two days of Pre-Youth Assembly Seminar at Hunter College located at 695 Park Avenue on August 1st and August 2nd, BALI will sponsor the trainees to attend the 9th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations

During the Second Week of training from August 8th – August 12th, BALI Youth Leadership Training will consist of intensive training for public speaking, researching and speech writing about topical political and policy issues, presentations by women of varied accomplishment levels in the fields of Law, Business, Politics, Government, the Non-Profit Sector and Academia and empowering young women thru self-awareness and self-expression, creating a safe community space for youth . 

BALI will also collaborate with the Manhattan Multicultural Summer Youth Program for the BALI trainees to develop networks between the New York City high school and college students and students from other parts of the world
               Important Notice
  • It is Completely Free to Attend the Ten-Day Intensive Leadership and Debate Training including the Three-Day 9thYouth Assembly at the United Nations for the BALI Trainees.
  • Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI) is collaborating with the Friendship Ambassador Foundation (FAF), the coordinator for the Youth Assembly at the United Nations,  for the first part of the BALI Two-Week Leadership Training Program.
  • In order for you to go through the BALI Two Week Training Program,  you must be accepted to attend the Youth Assembly
  • BALI is applying on your behalf to attend the Assembly at the United Nations. You are only responsible to apply for the BALI Youth Leadership Application
  • Once the Three Day Youth Assembly at the United Nations accepts you, you are required to go through the whole two-week leadership training with the Bella Abzug Leadership Training Institute.
  • Breakfast and Lunch is provided for the classes held at Hunter College but not during the days at the United Nations.
  • BALI urges you to apply AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • Insterested? contact BALI Program Associate, Yu Wai Maung at or call us at  212-650-3071

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