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New York Ban on Family Planning?

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Lawmakers Need to Hear From You On Choice

Two Big Votes Before the Health Committee - Thurs., June 2  


If your Assemblymember is on the Health Committee, it's critical that you call and urge their action on these two bills.  If it's after-hours, please call and leave a message. See list of Health Committee to the right >>



1.  Stop the New York Ban on Family Planning (A.7841)

Assemblymember Steve Katz from Assembly District 99 (Brewster,NY) has introduced a bill (A.7841) that would cut all state family planning dollars from going to any clinic, hospital or health facility that provides abortions.  This bill is expected to be voted on by the Health Committee TOMORROW. Help us put a stop to it! 

In a nutshell:  This is a repeat of the anti-Planned Parenthood and anti-Title X bills recently proposed in Congress, but the assault is on our home turf.  When an outrageous bill like this one is introduced, it is crucial for legislators to hear from the women of New York.


What you can say:  "Hi, I'm [name] from [neighborhood & borough]. I urge you to vote NO on Katz's bill A.7841, which will threaten essential health care for women."




2.  Be Proactive: Support the Reproductive Health Act (A.6112)

The Reproductive Health Act will also be up for a vote in the New York State Assembly's Health Committee. This bill will make critical updates to NYS law on abortion, strengthening our laws for choice at a time when attacks on the federal level are unprecedented.


In a nutshell this bill will:     

(1) affirm choice as a right in our state law,
(2) ensure that a woman can access abortion if her health is in danger,
(3) ensure that abortion is regulated as a matter of public health, and
(4) affirm the right of individuals to choose or refuse contraception


What you can say:  ""Hi, I'm [name] from [neighborhood & borough]. As a pro-choice New Yorker and voter, I urge you to support the Reproductive Health Act A.6112."


Help Secure Equal Marriage in New York State 

It's a new day in NYS: Governor Cuomo considers marriage equality a priority. NYC Council Speaker Quinn is pushing hard for it in Albany.  Nearly 60% of New Yorkers support it, but we're still short votes in the Senate. New Yorkers against marriage equality are showing us up; legislators are hearing from them in much larger numbers. 
State Senators need to hear from their constituents in favor of marriage equality.  Read more
Contact your Senator NOW  |  Phone Bank for Marriage Equality!


Urge Judge to Give Max Sentence to Ex-NYPD Cops

Sign our petition NOW to Justice Gregory Carro to ask that he sentence disgraced ex-NYPD Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata to the maximum of two years for their official misconduct charges.
Learn more

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James Conte

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